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September 13, 2008
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Character Design Sheet One by Senichi-Kanako Character Design Sheet One by Senichi-Kanako
Considering I'm too lazy to draw separate character sheets for me *someday...* I'll just show the designs. This is for future art trades and such.

Gave them random nicknames because I still haven't thought of official names for them and so it would be easier to figure out which is which.

Now here's the info for them. *from left to right* This is going to be long so don't read unless you're interested! This info is if you want to know more about the characters and how they act or something like that XD;;

1st character: Rose Virus
She's a survivor of a fatal disease called ROSE Virus, a disease which starts w/ something similar to a common bug bite leading to growing a rose which will slowly or quickly suck away your body and lead you to your death. So far, there is no cure for this disease. Though Rose Virus is the only survivor who somehow survived despite having a full grown rose. A full grown rose signifies that you're almost to your death.
Scientists have concluded that she may be chosen as a host for the disease and decided to use her to find a cure. Later on, she was kidnapped and trained to use the disease to her advantage. She has the ability to infect others w/ the disease and the ability to remove it. Sadly, despite the latter ability, she couldn't cure herself.
Currently, she is working for an Assassination organization under the contract that promised that they would find the cure for her.

2nd character: Cursed Serpent
Cursed Serpent was once a person of high status. He lived a life of wealth, luxury and unfortunately, corruption.
He was engaged to a woman whom he didn't really loved and took advantage of. The woman, who revealed to be a Witch, cursed him. And unlike fairytales, there's no solution to saving him from it. He was cursed to be part-Serpent, part-Human forever.
After his curse, his life had began to crumble as he began to realize how powerful discrimination is among his society. He lost everything. He was about to kill himself off when he remembered a story when he was young about how a Serpent had turned into a Dragon.
A Dragon is different from a Serpent. Dragons are highly respected in society while Serpents where considered vile, lowly and too common.
So with this ambition, he lives his life trying to find a way to turn into a Dragon. Currently right now, he works part-time as a salesman and part-time as an illegal tradesman. He is well known for connections w/ the Underworld.
He has taken up the habit of smoking considering he stopped giving a damn about his liver the moment he became dirt-poor. So he'll be often seen smoking, especially before taking a nap (then again, he's been seen sleeping with a lit cigarette)

3rd character: Puppet Mistress
After her grandfather's death, she was given the sole title that was well hidden from Society. "Puppet Master" or "Puppet Mistress" in her case. Confused, she ignored it until her parents had willingly gave her up under new guardians.
Her new "guardians" explained that her grandfather was one of the "chosen" generations of Puppeteers. Though people had mistook puppets as another means of entertainment, there was a sacred yet dark side to it.
Apparently, Puppeteers have the ability to give life to inanimate objects and if powerful enough, dead people. Only a chosen few were given this ability, and others who claim themselves to be ones were oblivious to this fact. The guardians explained that her grandfather was the "Puppet Master", the one who has the most power. When he died, he gave her the title, knowing she had the potential to surpass him.
The girl couldn't believe it until one day, she gave life to her valuable feline doll, Jessica. Though to her surprise, Jessica was upset w/ her and demanded she change the name. She asked why and it revealed that she was a he. So he was named Joseph.
She was changed guardians because once people had heard that she was now the new "Puppet Mistress", everyone would want to obtain her for her powers. Her parents couldn't protect her so she was put under new guardians who were past bodyguards of her grandfather.
Currently, she's living a normal school life, trying her best to not give life to certain objects by accident, since right now, she's undergoing secret training to control her powers.

4th character: Shadow's Heir
Born under a scandalous affair. His mother had begged demons to take him away from her. Instead, Shadows had taken him under their power. He was to be their first human heir.
Shadows are very powerful beings. They remain on the neutral side and are pretty much everywhere since again, they are shadows. But every side has been offering bribes, sacrifices and promises for their power and frankly, they didn't want to deal with it. So they thought of getting someone else to deal with it. Someone to be their heir.
The boy was raised in the darkness, and part time, in the human world, during the night though. Considering shadows have this strange idea that night was safer in the human world than day.
When he had grown, the shadows had made him live a human life, so as to get used to how a human works. Because of his looks, he is often mistaken to be either a Demon or someone who works for DEATH. *will explain DEATH later*
Currently, he's living a normal school life, though is often left alone because of the empty, cold feeling that people feel when they're nearby. He also often talks to shadows of people, considering he thought they were more honest than their human self. Also, he finds he and his shadow to be a separate entity and often asks for advice from it.

5th character: Fallen Dancer
She was a popular and quite talented dancer. She was famous, she was wanted, everybody wanted to see her dance. The pressure of being a dancer took it's toll on her and she began to obsess on improving herself.
One day, she wished for wings. Wings for her legs. She secretly went to the Underworld and visited the Black Spider Market, and met a mysterious woman who knew what she wanted and immediately offered it to her. It was free of charge, but she must sign a contract.
Because of her growing desperation and want for it, she immediately signed it. And she was given wings.
She saw the difference from her talent alone to having the wings. She was more graceful, more elegant, she had put all of her audiences in an addictive trance. She was very happy.
But she should have read the contract, because one day, the mysterious woman appeared, asking for her part in the contract. The dancer agreed, thinking it was only part of her fortune the woman wanted.
And she felt pain. Her wings, that were once white and fluttering, suddenly in a bloody transformation turned into black and began to grow in weight. The dancer fell at the heaviness of the wings and she felt frightened.
The mysterious woman explained that in the contract, she would be given wings, wings stolen from an angel. But there would be a consequence. According to the contract, the dancer agreed to be a willing slave to the woman's Organization, as long as she had those wings.
The dancer immediately begged to release her from the heavy wings, but the woman said, the only way to free herself from it is to work for her. The dancer had no choice. She had lost everything in one moment. She was now a slave to that woman and the cursed wings.
Despite now working for the Organization as part-agent, she still wanted to dance. Due to her determination, as time passes, her wings began to feel like what it was when she had first gotten it, besides it now being black. She felt a little bit of joy that she could dance again, but she knew that they would destroy her. Because despite it feeling light, the wings took a lot of energy from her, and if used too much, she could die from exhaustion. What was worse was that when the Organization found out about her wings, they made her a messenger.
Currently, she's working as a messenger. She's well known for the wings that make her quick and light and was given the nickname, "Dark Hermes" due to her annoyance. Part-time, to her disgust, she dances for her Organization's top members. But she still tries her best despite having such an unappreciative audience.

Okay, that was long, now I'll be working on Part 2 of the character sheets and if I have time, maybe explain how all these characters fit in one story.
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